Thank you. Danke. dziękuję. спасибо. धन्यवाद. Merci. Dank u. Gracias.

2014-02-17 MPA countriesAs you all can see, the title of this blog is “Thank you” in the native languages of the top ten countries in which this blog’s viewers live. That’s because I am thankful for every one of you. Really.

This blog has only existed for a month, yet the response I have received from it has been far beyond what I expected in such a short time. I am truly amazed. I’m sure part of this is the fact that I’m an old-timer who still remembers a world without the Internet, so perhaps there’s a sense of childlike wonder in me that still hasn’t died. Actually, I hope it doesn’t.

No thank you would be complete without a huge shout out to the Google+ Python community, to which I owe most, if not all of my viewership. My appreciation of Google+ has grown alongside my Python learning, to the point where the days when I scoffed at it as just another Facebook wannabe are long over. It has been a joy to find instant, international communities of people who share my interests and whose courtesy and sociability seem to be above average when it comes to internet conversations.

Finally, I want to close off this one-month anniversary post by again thanking those who are listed to the right in the ever-growing “Friends, Helpers and Inspiration” section. I wouldn’t have come this far without you.

Thank you for sharing in the adventure.