SIMply Distracting

Sometime in the last month, I ran across one of my all-time favorite PC games: SimCity 4. I was quickly pulled back into the wonderful (for me, at least) world of creating cities and watching them grow, carefully managing resources and the economy so as to attract as many “Sim citizens” as possible. Heck, the thought even crossed my mind to write a Python app to calculate the optimal procedure for growing a huge SimCity 4 metropolis with skyscrapers! One little problem: I’m absolutely clueless as to how to even begin such a task, or even think about it. Besides, I haven’t finished my little data management project yet. I like to think of myself as a firm believer in finishing one project before moving on to the next, though I adhere to this principle less than perfectly.

West Oceanside-Mar. 24, 1341404263254

America’s next great city?

Now back to Python land. As recounted in my last post, about a month ago I started dabbling in the sorcery known as ‘Qt’, and in doing so discovered the QSqlRelationalTableModel, an object that lets me query multiple Sqlite tables, complete with combo boxes providing lookup values from the “foreign” tables, without writing one single line of SQL. Next goal: drop a TableView based on a QSqlRelationalTableModel into my lovingly designed, Microsoft Access mimicking main form.

In other words, I want to get this:

…into this:


..and code the button and drop down boxes to insert, filter and sort transactions. The view based on the QSqlRelationalTableModel will go in the rectangular box. I just need to plan some time away from my responsibilities as Mayor so I can re-focus on my coding. Target date: Saturday, July 12. Nothing like a public commitment to help me focus on a goal! Wish me luck. I’ll have an update no matter what happens (or does not happen).