Off “Base”

Several years ago I took a look at Base, the database component of OpenOffice and now, LibreOffice. It seemed extremely rudimentary compared to MS Access. For some reason, it came into my head to check it out again recently. Base seems to have come a long way since my first encounter. I noted that it has the ability to construct complicated SQL queries graphically, and build forms that include drop-down boxes and lookups. It meets my main qualifications for writing essential apps such as my current finance management project: it’s open source and cross platform. For a few days, it appeared so suited to what I’m trying to accomplish that it seemed this blog’s title would have to change to “My LibreOffice Base Adventure.” But it wasn’t meant to be. The main reason is that as I continued to experiment with Base, it soon became apparent that, in order to do what I want, I would need to go beyond using only tables, forms and queries, and learn to code in LibreOffice Basic — LibreOffice’s equivalent to Microsoft’s Visual Basic that allows more sophisticated programming of the behavior of Base’s database objects. Why, I asked myself, after coming as far as I have with Python, then PySide, would I want to set all that aside to learn yet ANOTHER language? To be honest, what I really needed to do was get back on track with what I’ve already built, and take it to the next level. Amazing how the thrill of learning something new can sometimes distract from persevering with what I already have began learning. So now, back to work.  I found this PySide tutorial this past week and hope to use it to brush up on what I’ve already learned, and then continue forward.