“Rob’s Python Knowledgebase” now online

In my last post, I shared my methods for taking notes and keeping track of what I learn as I study Python.  I started out with a simple desktop-based wiki app, on my computer only.  It wasn’t long, however, before I realized I would want my Python notes available from anywhere.  I also wanted to share what I am learning with others, as a way of giving back to the Python community which has been incredibly supportive.

This week I tried out the Sphinx documentation generator and practiced writing in ReStructuredText , a simple, plain-text document markup language that be easily read and edited right alongside my code.  Sphinx then converts this markup to an attractive browser-based document that can be viewed locally and hosted online.  Enter readthedocs.org, a popular (and FREE!) documentation hosting site that many Python developers use for their projects, and now “Rob’s Python Knowledgebase” is online.  Enjoy!