About My Python Adventure

The purpose of “My Python Adventure” is to…

  1. Share my Python learning experience for the benefit of others who are also learning Python.   I will share my goals, what I tried, what worked, what didn’t, and provide some of my code for you to try out yourself.
  2.  Give back to the Python community, and the greater open-source world in general, by sharing about those who have helped me along in my journey.

Ever since a techie friend turned me on to Linux years ago, I have been amazed at all the computing tools and knowledge that so many people are willing to share freely with the world.   Even though I am not (yet) at a place in my Python adventure where I have tons of compelling code modules to offer, I believe in sharing what I have — no matter how little or much it may be.

Thank you for joining me, and welcome to My Python Adventure!