I do not look favorably upon a certain brand of canned, processed meat product

As of today, I am no longer allowing comments or user registrations on this blog.

The image below sums up the reasons.  Out of the hundreds of “comments” (in quotes because they don’t even deserve to be called such) I have received, I can count on the fingers of one hand the number that are from actual readers of this blog who have something to contribute.  The same goes for “user” registrations.

I wish I could devote all my working hours to my Python learning and this blog, and if that were the case, perhaps I would think differently.  However, I have a full-time job that is not Python related, a wife, and numerous other family and social commitments that are important to me.  I simply don’t wish to devote the time to moderating “canned lunch meat”, and I certainly don’t want to spend even a penny on software to do it for me.

For those real humans out there who have been following this blog, especially those who have commented, thank you for your support and please accept my apologies. Feel free to contact me through Google Plus or Twitter if you have any feedback or suggestions regarding the blog.